Alisha • Nepal

Alisha is an extremely kind and outgoing girl who absolutely loves to be with people! Alisha excelled in school through the Matsiko sponsorship program, and even toured a year with the Matsiko World Orphan Choir in the USA.

Alisha’s family is very warm-hearted, but struggles financially, as do many in her village. Because of Alisha’s opportunity to travel with the Matsiko World Orphan Choir, and master different languages like English, Nepal, and Hindi, she wants to work in the airline industry so she can travel, meet people, and learn more about our world. Alisha will graduate from high school this year, and although she is able to attend the university and study most subjects available, she plans to immediately start working for an airline.


Alisha has excelled in her schooling, is growing up to become a wonderful young lady, and all of us within Matsiko and elsewhere wish her only the very best in seeing her dreams of travel, while working in the airline industry, come true!


UPDATE!!! – Alisha is attending school to become a nurse!

Alisha Gurung lives in a very remote village up in the mountain area of Nepal, where tea farming is the trade. Alisha’s family works seven days a week on a private farm, so they can eat and live. In the village, there is no transportation, running water, or medical support. 


Due to Alisha’s background, she caught the eye of MCI and was asked to audition for the Matsiko national choir of Nepal. Alisha thrived in the choir, and she eventually found an educational sponsor who greatly encouraged her too. Due to her sponsor’s encouragement, Alisha excelled in school and placed at the top of her class. Later, Alisha got to tour the USA with the Matsiko World Orphan Choir and gained great confidence and social skills.