Matsiko World Orphan Choir

“A World Treasure!”

Disney (March 13, 2012 - Disneyland World Facebook Page & Disneyland Resorts)

"The greatest ambassador for our world's 600 million orphaned and at-risk children.”

Former US Congressman David Reichert

"The greatest children's choir."

Claim has been made by many university choirs, radio, tv, etc.

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The mission of Matsiko World Orphan Choir is to use the unifying power of music to uplift every child, bring joy to all who listen, and to inspire generosity that provides a complete education for vulnerable children.

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Since 2008

The Matsiko World Orphan Choir has brought together our world’s orphaned and vulnerable children to share their story of turning the pain of loss, hunger, and hopelessness into personal empowerment, an educational scholarship through their nation’s university or vocational levels to instill love, joy, hope, and optimism for the future. Your sponsorship makes this possible!

About the Children

Through our in-country Matsiko learning centers, every student is given an opportunity to sing in the Matsiko national choir program. Talented students can then audition to sing in Matsiko’s national children’s touring choir. These choirs perform before government officials and at sporting events, schools, and churches to inspire people and remind them that orphan and vulnerable children in their own country have talent and potential. Countless children want to be a part of the Matsiko national choir in their own country, so that they can eventually audition for the Matsiko World Orphan Choir, which will provide them with the experience of a lifetime – an educational and performing tour of the United States.

World Orphan Choir members are chosen because they have demonstrated the character qualities that we want to see modeled by all of our children. They become ambassadors of hope for the 600 million voiceless and invisible children of the world who deserve an equal opportunity to get an education, develop their talents, and belong to a community where they are valued as human beings. While in the choir they learn unity and racial harmony as they care for one another.

While on tour, they work diligently to complete their school work for their grade, while dramatically improving their English language skills. Every child receives one-on-one tutoring which allows them to advance grades when they return to their own country. They go home as much better students and in appreciation for their experience, they are guaranteed a full ride scholarship through the university or vocational schooling in their country.

Your sponsorship gifts help make this possible!

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