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Matsiko Scholars are those who want to reach their highest academic and professional potential. They aspire to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their family by becoming doctors, lawyers, business owners, engineers, mechanics, electricians, teachers and other professional careers. 

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Once students begin university or receive vocational training, we consider them to be Matsiko Scholars and their educational costs go up.

A $40 sponsorship is not enough to fully fund their education. In some countries, the costs of university education, room, board and books can be as much as $125 per month.

Without increased sponsorship, there is no way students would be able to go to university.

For these young scholars, we have launched the Matsiko Scholars Program, to provide full scholarships to worthy students.

You can

  1. Continue your support at $40/month and we will find other sponsors to fill the gap
  2. Increase your support to $70 or $100 amount to partially fund your student
  3. Increase your support to $125 to fully fund the advanced educational costs

Your gift will allow a Matsiko student to fulfill their dream of getting a complete university or vocational education that will break the cycle of poverty for them and their family.


Today, there are 1,700 Matisko sponsored children in grades K-12. We currently have 50 Matiskko Scholars studying at university or in vocational training programs.

Scholar Profiles

Out of thousands of applicants, only 50 each year are accepted into the Medical School in Liberia. In 2021, Matsiko had two students accepted into the program. These future doctors, Richard and Meshach, will spend the next four years studying for their degree at a cost of $125 per month each.

Fatu has always been an excellent student. While studying in high school, Fatu helped, however she could, her struggling family by washing the clothes, fetching water, and helping her mother with all of the daily chores including cooking. Fatu’s Father suddenly left the family, leaving them with no income or financial help whatsoever. The mother now does what she can to help feed the family leaving Fatu unable to afford her second semester schooling fees or pay for the national exam to qualify for the university. It seemed like another bright star of a child would be dimmed due to the severe risks that challenge our world’s most vulnerable at-risk families. Matsiko learned of Fatu’s misfortune and was willing to provide the needs for Fatu’s final semester in High School and for her National Exams. Fatu graduated with honors and scored at the highest levels in her national exam. Fatu is an excellent student who loves Chemistry and Biology. However, the tuition fees for Fatu are too high for her to enter into the university unless she can find a sponsor or two sponsors to help her with her university. $100.00 per month would be an impossible amount for her family to afford Fatu to enter the university and become a doctor. However, if there was a sponsor who could afford to help Fatu with $100 / monthly to go to the university for 6 years, then Fatu would become a doctor and would then desire to help children facing the same tragic conditions she is experiencing now. It is unimaginable to Fatu that there are people that have been so blessed that they can actually afford to help others like her. Matsiko is looking, on behalf of Fatu, for somebody able and willing to help her fulfill her dream.  If 3 sponsors could sponsor at $40.00/month or two at $50.00 per month or even one at $100 / month, Fatu would realize her dreams in Medicine and actually become a positive force for her current and future family as well as her nation because of your support.

Prabina is 17 years old and lives in the remote area of Nepal in the region of Ilam. Prabina lives with her mother and her father. Prabina's father works to farm the land of others to feed the family. Prabina always wanted to be so fortunate to have the means to actually help others. As Prabina saw a lot of people in her area fall sick and not able to afford a doctor, she did what she could to help. Even as a young girl, Prabina wanted to care for those that could not care for themselves. When Prabina was 13 years old she was able to get a sponsor and enter into one of the best schooling academies in Ilam. Later that year, Prabina joined the Matsiko Nepal Choir and was able to make the Matsiko World Orphan Choir that tours throughout the USA. Prabina loved her time touring with Matsiko in the USA and was able to meet doctors in the USA who encouraged her to enter the field of Medicine. Now, Prabina has graduated with honors at Ilam’s top academy and has been accepted at the University in Kathmandu to begin the study of Medicine and become one of the very few female doctors in Nepal. Prabina’s family is extremely proud of her and so is her village and all of us with Matsiko Children International. In addition, we all hope Prabina’s sponsor is very proud of her too. When Prabina becomes a doctor, she wants to help families like hers in the area of Ilam where they need good physicians to care for those in need.

Thanks to the wonderful sponsorship program of Matsiko, Prabina’s dream of becoming a doctor in Nepal is becoming a reality.

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