Service Trips

If you would like the chance to meet your sponsored child, and to understand the challenges and real opportunities they face, then a Matsiko service trip is for you!

Peru Girls

Experience the Trip of a Lifetime!

“It was one of the best experiences of my life. I felt God's presence and saw how Matsiko is making a profound difference in the lives of every child.”

– Rev. Kurt Satherlie

We were aware of the “message” (that Matsiko kids live in extreme poverty), but didn’t make the connection until we were there in person, seeing the conditions for ourselves, especially in Nepal. We were invited to some of the Matsiko kid’s family homes, and it was an incredibly moving experience to see how they live and see the absolute gratitude the family has for the sponsorship of their children. These families understand the cycle of poverty and the lack of opportunity without an education to get their child out of it. 

- Steve and Julie

Short Term:

We offer one to two week long service opportunities for individuals and church, school or organizational groups to make a difference in communities where our sponsored children live.


We also have opportunities for college students or young professionals to spend a summer gaining practical service or missions experience working alongside our international staff.


Throughout the year Matsiko sends our directors and volunteers to the various countries in which we operate to check in on our programs and ensure things are running smoothly. We try to take advantage of these visits by sending a large team as often as possible because it allows us to accomplish so much more for our children and field workers.

What can I do?

Many times our traveling volunteers have experience in the medical or engineering fields, which allows us to set up a medical clinic, work on construction projects, or drill wells to provide clean drinking water. Even people who feel they have little to offer in terms of great skills find themselves having the time of their life in taking child information, distributing food and clothing, or playing soccer with a group of thirty screaming children.

Service trips always result in life changing memories!

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