How Sponsorship Works

When you sponsor a child for $40.00 a month, you empower one of the world's most needy children to break the cycle of poverty through education. And you help prevent that child from being trafficked for sex or labor.

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Your gift provides for all school fees and tuition, a daily nutritious meal, and access to a learning center which provides tutoring and academic support, plus the opportunity to participate in a Matsiko national choir, and other activities that build confidence and self esteem.

You’ll also build a personal relationship with your sponsored child through letters, special gifts, and service trips. You’ll experience the joy of lifting a boy or girl out of poverty!

For the safety of children, we only share basic child profile information on our website. You will receive additional personal information when you sponsor a child.

Our payment process system does not keep your credit card information on file. If you need to update your credit card information or add a new card please call our office at (253) 632-8181 from 9:00am to 4:00pm Pacific time and we will be happy to assist you.

What Your $40.00 a Month Matsiko Child Sponsorship Does

Provides basic educational needs for your child (uniforms, supplies, etc.)

Pays the full school tuition for K-12 students and then beyond to university 

Gives the child stability to stay in school

Provides tutoring and support at a Matsiko learning center

Encourages friendship and accountability with your child

 Become a Matsiko Education Sponsor today!

Your sponsorship will be life-giving!

How does my Matsiko sponsorship elevate my child to be on equal footing with their nation’s most privileged children?

Getting a complete education is the key. But unlike the USA, education in struggling nations is very expensive. Therefore, the ability of the poorest families to afford it is next to impossible. Without money to go to school children have no hope for the future. 

Without an education children become street vendors, working for someone else, and typically earning only enough to barely eat. They become indentured servants or modern-day slaves. This menial existence will never decrease the 600 million orphaned and vulnerable children in our world, and it will only make them vulnerable to crime, trafficking, drugs and other destructive alternatives.

The Matsiko sponsorship program puts a stop to this vicious cycle of poverty! 

Unlike most other sponsorship programs, which stop when the child is in eighth grade or becomes 18 years of age, Matsiko allows your sponsored child to go through his or her nation’s highest university or vocational levels and truly break the vicious cycle of poverty. 

The poverty that has oppressed their family history will truly be broken once that child becomes a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, engineer, teacher, and many other wonderful professions. What once was believed to be too lofty of a goal for children like these, has now become a reality through Matsiko’s unique sponsorship program! 

When your child reaches his or her educational goal, they too can help others like you have helped them. They will become empowered because of your sponsorship support and not only help themselves, their families, villages, nation, but the world!


Stay in contact with your child by writing letters anytime! 

You can write letters to your child anytime you wish. Even if you do not wish to write a letter, your child will send you a minimum of two (2) letters each year including an update with your child’s current picture. In addition, as a sponsor, you can ALWAYS feel free to call us at (253) 632-8181 during regular office hours or email us anytime at

Feel free to ask any question you like regarding your child and we will get you the requested information in a reasonable period of time. Your sponsorship is greatly valued and appreciated.

Everyone at Matsiko welcomes and encourages all of your questions and concerns.

Matsiko Children International’s Minimum Practice of Openness and Sponsor Follow Up

  • MCI will always provide the annual donation support to each sponsor every January for the previous year's support.
  • Letters from the sponsored children will be sent to the sponsor at least twice per year, even when a sponsor does not write.
  • Quarterly updated news letters will be sent each year updating MCI sponsors on the most current information.
  • We maintain an open policy to call MCI with any questions or concerns at 253-632-8181 during MCI's hours of operation.
  • Sponsors may write letters to their sponsored child at any time and send to MCI's email address listed above.
  • MCI will send any updates regarding their sponsored child or the sponsorship program in addition to the quarterly updates.
  • A sponsor can provide any gift for their sponsored child through MCI's gift program.

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