Financial Accountability

Matsiko Children International (MCI) takes its financial policies seriously. Our leadership team is so confident in the integrity of our financial practices that we hold it as policy to publish our IRS tax documents and any other pertinent information on our website. In addition, we fully appoint a certified and independent outside accounting firm to audit our finances each year and then publish the findings on our website.  

Very few similar organizations have as high a giving ratio as Matsiko Children International. We are well aware that as the network continues to grow, we will need to be ready to hire additional staff. Because of this reality, MCl has bound itself to meet and attain the financial accountability platinum standards acceptable to all notable watch-dog agencies. In fact, in accordance with MCI’s commitment to complete transparency, we are among the minority of non-profit organizations to actually publish our IRS 990 reports for all to see on the MCI website. We owe it to our sponsors and the children around the world to work tirelessly and continue to raise the level of trust we share with our sponsors and partners. It is of paramount importance to Matsiko Children International that we handle every dollar with the utmost care, concern, and integrity.

Matsiko Children International maintains a strong commitment and promise to all people, especially its trusted and most valued sponsors, that anytime there is a request for an annual report, MCI will always provide the information online as well as the most recent audit, 990 report and board roster.

Financial accountability and transparency is always the highest priority to all and is an essential cornerstone to MCI’s foundation of character and trust for its namesake all around the world. Not only is MCI committed to financial accountability at the highest level but we ask that our international partners maintain a trust to all and financial accountability to all in their home countries and around the world due to their association with and representation of MCI’s work and values as well.

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