Anamika • Nepal


Anamika, is one of the countless many forgotten girls in Nepal who had no family support and no possible hope for a better future through an education.  Anamika lives with her mother who cannot afford to support herself, let alone her daughter’s needs. Her mom cannot afford to send her to school for an education. Left on the streets to sell or work on one of the local tea farms, Anamika would have been trapped in the inescapable cycle of poverty. The cycle that produces the never ending production of children that end up in human trafficking, endentured servitude and hopelessness.


However, Anamika’s story is different because she heard about a possible free education program through Matsiko sponsorship in Nepal. So, Anamika decided to try and get involved. Asking to be a part of the study school and the Matsiko choir, Anamika stayed off the streets in a safe place of refuge and even received a meal each day. Months and months later, Anamika received word that she had a new sponsor who would cover the high cost of her education. You can imagine the joy this news spread throughout Anamika’s family, friends, and village.


Because of Anamika’s life changing sponsorship support, she is now in the 7th grade and performing extremely well in school. Anamika now has real hope for her future as she is working to become a doctor to help impoverished children, like her, to receive good medical care.


Anamika is so thankful for her sponsorship support. The life of her and her family will change for the better and break the cycle of poverty. In addition, many lives within her community will be positively impacted because of Anamika’s ability to give medical care. All of this is possible because somebody, a half a world away, decided to help out a child and sponsor her. 


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