Alpha • Nepal


Alpha is a young girl who lives in the remote village of Nepaltar, Nepal. This village is a 5-hour drive on rough roads to get to the “big village.” Nepaltar has no electricity, hospital, or roads for driving. Alpha walks everywhere, including the 8-mile walk (each way) to school each day, but Sunday. With that kind of commitment to walking everyday, Alpha makes sure each day counts. She studies hard to make her parents and sponsor proud of her. Grateful that she can afford to go to school, because of her sponsor, Alpha was named the top student in her school and her district for the year 2021!


Alpha loves math, biology, chemistry, and all of the sciences for that matter. Given Alpha’s extremely poor background, while living in a village with no medical facility, Alpha is extremely grateful that she is in line to attend the university in two years to train to become a medical doctor. 

Alpha has never seen or heard of somebody caring for another less fortunate than themselves. Because of her sponsor, however, Alpha has been exposed to a whole new way of viewing others. As a result, Alpha not only wants to be a physician to help herself and her family, but also to help her village that has never received medical attention in its history! Matsiko sponsorship makes this happen – it transforms lives, families, villages, and even nations!