Francis • Liberia

In his own words … how Matsiko Children International has changed Francis’s life.

I am Francis Melvin Manning Jr, born unto the union of Mr. and Mrs. Manning on the 11th of February 2003, in a non-medical facility at the Johnson Compound, Red-light, Monrovia. I’m the last of three brothers and they are primarily my inspiration in this world. My mother is doing a mini business specifically, she’s selling fruits which include: plantain, banana, potatoes, apples and many others.


My father is a security officer and works with a small security firm within our country. They usually tell me to better myself and the world will definitely have a better place for me. I grew up as a teenager with these words and strive to better myself to whatever length necessary. They were always there to push and support my every attempt to do better. Creative writing, singing, dancing, and football were my hobbies.


As I grew in age, I realized that greater responsibility is attach to various stages within development process and I understand that my sibling responsibility on my parents were causing chaos within my upbringing; facilities decreases and they could no longer manage my every request to become a better person as they always wanted me and it was heartbroken to see and accept it as a child. Nevertheless, I didn’t quit on my dream and inspiration.


I have always wanted to become a specialized medical doctor within the area of neurosurgery to help mentally unstable people in my country, Africa and the world at large. This great task is what keeps me going stronger each day, even when there is no hope, I’d feel hopeful. My high school days were all fun and memorable, as studying was my only option and scoring grades was my targeted goals. I manage to secure them because of my non involvement in my school extracurricular activities such as going for trips, clubs, sport tournaments and many other activities.


Though it was hurtful, I could not help the process at the time, realizing that my siblings needed to be in school and my parents could not manage our every school tuition and we were put out of school every time. The only thing that kept me going was passion and big scores in class, making me class representative and official even up to this date.


Early 2019, during my senior year in high school, a lifetime opportunity was presented to me by a very good friend of mine whose name is Sunnie N. Carr to be a part of the Matsiko family world-wide. I accepted it with the terms attached because it was solemnly in my interest and I really needed help at the particular time within my life to chase, secure and live my dreams as a young man. It was an opportunity worth venturing for me and I’m very grateful to God for meeting such a young man as a friend. Being a part of this family; It started with letter writing to my heart loving sponsor and it was fairly appearing to me as a joke and my possible outcomes were low towards the letter materializing into what it is today.


I told my parents about the prevailing opportunity and as a Christian family we put it through prayers, hoping on God to make the best of it. Through the grace of God, I received my very first tuition and I was like God – this is unbelievable! I just couldn’t believe my sight. I felt like the world was crashing and could not believe that good and humble people still exist, like our dear sponsors. I hurriedly paid it and my smile was bright like the sun on campus that school year. The school year was epic, and it was my best academic year ever. I participated in student’s politics with the help of God and this unique organization. I lost in the race but as a significant figure in the institution, I built a favorable reputation in the school and among the student’s body. I received gifts that year for both the family and I. They were all amazing and it helped me to socially compose myself among my mates.


I managed to acquire a certificate in computer science that year from the Ministry of Education computer literacy program and this certificate was supported by the Matsiko organization. High school graduation and international examination certificate came later on the 5th of December 2020 at the support of our Matsiko family. The year was epic and Matsiko was the best thing that happened in my life that year.


Gluing myself to my dreams and inspirations, with thoughts running through my heads concerning the continuation of my educational sojourn. Through God, Matsiko did not leave me but presented another opportunity to forward my education at university level. I took the advantage and mastered it, as being a medical doctor is my only vision. I took the Adventist University of West Africa entrance placement and I was successful, passing in both math and english. I chose to study biology and chemistry at B.S.C level because it’s an advantage of becoming a medical doctor. I started as a freshman through Matsiko support and it was awesome to see myself chasing my dreams. I was appointed to serve my badge as badge representative that semester. Without forgetting my school goals as a kid, I acquired a B+ GPA with the amount of 3.6 and among the best that semester within my department.


Second semester was entirely alike and I was appointed to serve my department as speaker and I learned a lot that semester. I later decided to give some services back to the family of Matsiko and I began to serve as a volunteer within our office. I also earned a certificate from the Media Institute of Media and Excellence in Journalism and several others related fields. I’m currently a sophomore II student reading biology. I have earned numerous respects and honor with God first and the support of the Matsiko organization. Being a part of this organization, I’m convinced that my dreams are going to come to reality. I am forever grateful to God and the entire Matsiko family for the opportunity given me to chase and live my dreams.


Thanks, Matsiko
Love you so much
Francis Melvin Manning Jr.,