Frank • Peru


Frank is a 20-year-old young man, who is fulfilling his dream of working in the field of maintenance of heavy machinery. Frank was born in Canocota, a very small town located in the mountains of Peru, some 3,600 meters (11,800 feet) above sea level. His town is extremely remote and only offers its children an education from kindergarten through primary school. It is with the completion of primary school that many of their young people stop studying, because they do not have enough money or the ability to travel to a distant city to further their education. 


Frank’s parents work on a farm. They have two cows from which they get milk from to sell or to make cheese. They are proud of their work, but it is a life that does not afford them the ability to become financially able to provide their children with a higher education. With their limited income they survive, but do not have the ability to educate their children beyond primary school. 


This, however, all changed for Frank and his two siblings, as they all received sponsors through Matsiko Children International. Frank was 10 years old when he received a sponsor, his older sister was 14 years old, and his younger brother was 6 years old. His sister studied business administration, which gave her the ability to work in a hotel and become financially secure. His younger brother is still in school.


Frank’s sponsor’s support allowed him to get his school uniform and supplies, Christmas gifts, and food for himself and his family. Frank is very grateful for all the support, and shows his gratitude by working hard to fulfill his dreams. Frank just graduated from the SENATI Institute of Arequipahe, the largest technical training institution in the country, with a degree in maintenance of heavy machinery. 


Frank is blown away by the kindness shown to him by his Matsiko sponsors. He said that it is “sometimes hard to believe that these programs help us a lot in fulfilling our dreams. They wish us a better life. Our sponsors do not know us in person, however, they want us to study. Even our parents on many occasions do not believe in us; they think that we can’t be someone in life. But thanks to Matsiko, I am fulfilling my dreams and my family is very happy about it. I am really grateful to my sponsors, may God bless them.”