Israel • Liberia

Israel lives with a struggling family, like so many in one of our world’s poorest countries: Liberia. The family had challenges putting food on their table each day, and could not worry about the fact that the children could not attend school due to the school fees.


An educational sponsorship with Matisko allowed Israel to attend school and dream of doing better so he could possibly help his family. Israel dared to dream that if he worked hard in school, he would be able to work in a profession that could help his family. Israel always believed that there was more room at the top of the economic level, than at the bottom. He believed that there was a lack of good engineers, doctors, mechanics, and other professionals, but there was an abundance of those who could not read and those who had no skills. Therefore, Israel decided to try and get to the higher economic level to better himself and his family. 


Everyday, because of his loving sponsor, he could go to school and make the best of his studies. Working hard, he wanted to be at the highest level in all of his classes. Israel’s hard work and determination paid off because he graduated from high school and was accepted to the University in Liberia for engineering! As a result of Israel’s excellent grades, he was offered a scholarship at one of the finest universities in Africa located in Rwanda for information management and systems. Israel will be attending the university next semester and will major in information management and systems, while also keeping up on his engineering studies.


Without the life-changing love and support of Israel’s sponsor, he would have never had this opportunity. Now, Israel’s studies will make our world’s businesses better. In addition, with his appreciation for what his sponsor has provided through Matsiko, Israel will be helping a lot of other children living in the same condition he once lived.