Jyoti • India


Jyoti is a very special child. Jyoti’s father is a carpenter and her mother works as a housemaid. Jyoti has three siblings and a grandmother all living together. Their meager income is just enough to provide them with their basic needs. It does not leave them with the ability to financially support the educational needs of their children.

As a young girl, it seemed impossible for somebody like her to make any kind of positive difference. However, Jyoti worked very hard in school. She realized she can make a difference in helping to educate others so they can do the same.  Jyoti wants to be a Teacher so she can help the impoverished children in her community become empowered through a complete education. Jyoti completed her 12th grade education in March 2022 and then went on to do her B.A. Hons from a university of repute or IGNOU (open university). 

After graduation, Jyoti will live out her dreams, thanks to her sponsorship, and directly influence the children in the slums of India. She will help by teaching and providing them an education. This will not only educate the under served youth in India it will also give them a key to empowerment and a way out of poverty.