Meshach • Liberia

My name is Meshach from Liberia, West Africa. In my family we are five children, two boys and three girls. I am the third child for my parents and the second boy. In my family, it has always been a custom that high school education was the limitation for everyone. So, growing up as a child, I have always had the mindset that high school education is not my limit and hope to go further in acquiring higher education. My dream of getting higher education was not certain but I had the hope that with the help of God and the effort of my parents I could go further. As years passed by, I was in the 2nd grade when my mother left my father with the five of us and things became so difficult for my father that he had to ride a commercial bike to help sustain us and also send us to school. As a result of less income, we did not go to school for two years. My father got a job with World Vision and he started sending my big brother and big sister to school again till the company left Liberia. As God provided, it was in that same year I encountered ICNL (International Children’s Network in Liberia, commonly known as Matsiko) and they started sponsoring me in school till today’s date.


At first, I never believed that I could become someone better in the future because my family was having a lot of difficulties that nearly made me give up in life, right at that moment Matsiko came and gave me all the hope I needed. The MCI organization paid my tuition from my 8th grade till I reached 10th grade after which I dropped sponsor and later regained sponsor after my graduation from high school which continued to sponsor me through the four (4) years of college. And I am now a graduate from the University of Liberia with a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Science. I did pass the medical school entrance and it has always been my desire to become a medical Doctor and want to be a specialized Neurosurgeon and by the help of God I am going to begin medical school this year. I just don’t know how to express my deepest gratitude to my sponsors because words are inadequate to express how grateful I am to the Matsiko family as well. I don’t know how my future would have been without your sponsorship but thank you so much and I pray that God continues to grant your heart desires. And not forgetting the Matsiko family for coming in Liberia, I also want to say thank you so much for giving us the opportunity that has helped change our lives and futures so that we can have a greater impact to our community, country and the world at large.


All thanks to my Sponsors and Matsiko family.