Prabina • Nepal

Prabina is 17 years old and lives in a remote village in the hills of Nepal, somewhere in the region of Ilam. Prabina lives with her mother and father. Working as pickers and caretakers on a private farm, the thought of receiving an education was only a fleeting thought, as the cost for school was out of their reach. Prabina’s parents, however, dreamed that if they could allow Prabina to forsake her work and attend the public school, that just maybe, she could excel.


Prabina has always wanted to have the means to help others. She has seen a lot of people in her area fall sick and not be able to afford a doctor. Even as a young girl, Prabina wanted to care for those who could not care for themselves, and she did what she could to help them. 


When Prabina was 13 years old, she received a Matsiko sponsor and entered into one of the best schooling academies in Ilam. Later that year, Prabina joined the Matsiko Nepal Choir and was then accepted to the Matsiko World Orphan Choir that tours throughout the USA. Prabina loved her time touring with Matsiko in the USA; she gained so much confidence through this experience. She was also able to meet many doctors who encouraged her to enter the field of medicine. 


Now, Prabina has graduated with honors from Ilam’s top academy and has been accepted at the University in Kathmandu to begin the study of medicine – in hopes of becoming one of the very few female doctors in Nepal. Prabina’s family is extremely proud of her, so is her village, and all of us with Matsiko Children International. Prabina’s sponsor is very proud of her too. When Prabina becomes a doctor, she wants to help families, like hers, in the area of Ilam where they need good physicians to care for those in need.


Thanks to the wonderful sponsorship program of Matsiko, Prabina’s dream of becoming a doctor in Nepal is becoming a reality.