Prashamsha • Nepal


Prashamsha, comes from one of the poorest families in one of the poorest villages in Nepal. Living in an outlet mountain village in the remote town of Nepaltar, Prashamsha and her family could never imagine getting a formal education. Growing up and working daily with her family to simply provide food means she would not be able to provide a better life for her or her siblings. Like their parents before them,  they would sell on the street or work as a laborer on one of the tea fields nearby just to eat a day’s meal. 


However, because of the sponsorship program of Matsiko,  Prashamsha became interested in learning at the free after school program Matsiko provides. She also began practicing singing with the children who make up the Matsiko choir in Nepal. After some time,  Prashamsha heard the amazing news that she received a sponsor and would go to the finest school in the area, “Grace Academy”.  Prashamsha could not believe it and shared this joy with her parents. As a result of having a sponsor,  her family would no longer need to consider the false promises of traffickers claiming to provide Prashamsha a free education in exchange for legal guardianship of their daughter. Now Prashamsha can stay with her family while she attends school.


Grace Academy has reported that she is hardworking and is the top student in the 9th grade. Unlike some of the more privileged students at Grace Academy,  attending schooling is not something Prashamsha takes for granted. She appreciates the opportunity for education and a better future.  Prashamsha succeeds in school because she is determined to create a better life and wants her sponsor to be proud of her. As a result, in 3 more years,  Prashamsha will be qualified to attend one of the finer universities in Nepal and when she does she wants to study medicine to become a Doctor. Prashamsha, wants to be a doctor so that she can provide care for many, like those in her village, who are unable to receive medical care due to lack of financial means and availability. 


Matsiko sponsorship is changing the life of Prashamsha and her family. Prashamsha was able to survive because of  one faithful sponsor.  One simple act of kindness is changing the quality of life for a child, their family, and the entire village. There can be no bigger impact from an investment, and for so little, than a sponsorship that will reach many beyond our lifetime.