Siddhi • India

Siddhi, a tenth grader in India, lives with her parents and three siblings. Her father is a plumber and an electrician, and her mother works as a domestic. Even though they work hard, Siddhi’s parents can barely afford a good education or proper nutrition for their children.

Siddhi is the younger sister of Anchal, who toured with the Matsiko World Orphan Choir in the USA. Siddhi was a very shy and reserved girl, and very conscious about making mistakes of any kind that would disappoint others in any way. But, because of the experience her sister had with the Matsiko World Orphan Choir, Siddhi started to believe that she too could have opportunities. Siddhi now strongly believes that if she can better herself, she will better the lives of others and not disappoint them, but actually make them happier!

Because of this new reality, Siddhi is more confident and speaks her mind with respect. Siddhi has great leadership qualities, and follows instructions with much responsibility. She too has taken after Anchal, and has developed an interest in choir, and enjoys communicating with her sponsor through letters. She can speak and understand the English language very well. As a result, Siddhi wants to help others who cannot afford an education and become a teacher so she can help the children of the slums have the chance of a real future through a complete education. Siddhi greatly appreciates the love her sponsor has provided her, and now sees that she can pass this on to many others who live in the same challenging environment as she lives.