Sudikshya • Nepal

Sudikshya, lives in a very remote village in the mountains of Nepal. Her parents work to pick tea in the fields of their country with the hopes of feeding their family. If they are lucky they will eat once a day with a very basic meal. Because Sudikshya’s parents can barely afford to feed their family, their ability to pay for an education for their children is nearly impossible. Unfortunately, that means Sudikshya and her siblings had little hope for a better future. They were extremely vulnerable and at-risk to be trafficked so they felt trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty. Sudikshya had little hope to better her life and was destined to work in the tea fields, just like her parents. Her future children and their children would also be condemned for the same life if they could not pay for an education.

However, because of the Matsiko program in Nepal, Sudikshya learned that there was a possibility that she could go to school without her parents having to pay! Her family never dreamed that such a possibility would ever exist. After meeting with the Matsiko leaders in Nepal, Sudikshya eventually received a wonderful sponsor that is now paying for her school fees. To her family this is a miracle. Sudikshya is working really hard and is excelling in her studies. Now Sudikshya is almost ready to attend the university. She will be the very first person in her family’s history to attend school, and now even attend the university. Her focus is in education. She wants to become a teacher so that she can help children, like herself, realize their potential through a complete education. Since many children like her are not treated with any amount of importance in Nepal, the reality of many going without hope is all too common. Sudikshya, with help from her sponsor, made the idea of a better life a possibility for her, her family, and those she loves.

Because of Sudikshya’s sponsor helping her, Sudikshya will now be able to help many many others throughout her lifetime within her community. She knows the only way to show her gratitude for her sponsor is by helping many other children within her community break the cycle of poverty to restore their hopes and dreams for a better future.