Sunnie • Liberia

For as long as he can remember, Sunnie has been the right arm of his mother, who sells vegetables every day at the local market. Sunnie’s mother could never afford to provide schooling for Sunnie, because of the expensive costs of $1.17 each day. Therefore, Sunnie would do what he could to help his mother and only dream in secret for the chance to go to school. 


When Sunnie was around 10 years old, he learned about the Matsiko sponsorship program and the Matsiko World Orphan Choir. Sunnie leaped at the chance to join the Matsiko Liberia Choir and later joined the Matsiko World Orphan Choir that toured the USA! 


Because of being in Matsiko, Sunnie found a sponsor and he was able to go to grade school where he studied hard and was top in his class. Sunnie excelled in high school too and passed the National Entrance Exams for university. Now Sunnie lives at the Matsiko Learning Center in Liberia, helping out with sponsorship and the Matsiko choir. Sunnie also helps tutor the children in the afterschool program. 


Sunnie now dreams of becoming an attorney, so that he can represent people needing legal help and support but cannot afford. Sunnie is extremely bright and is performing very well in his first year at the university. To make sure Sunnie realizes his dream of becoming an attorney, Matsiko has provided a mentor for Sunnie who is now guiding and encouraging him to finalize his dream. Sunnie’s mentor is the Minister of Child Trafficking for Liberia’s Ministry of Justice and, he too, is very excited for Sunnie as he coaches every step he makes to become a successful and honest attorney!