Telechia • Liberia

Telechia’s story is not unusual for the severe poor of Liberia – attending school was out of the question. Telechia’s single mother, who could barely find enough work to provide a daily meal for her children, couldn’t afford school fees. Telechia couldn’t go to school.

When Matsiko Children International began its work in Liberia, Telechia and her siblings were some of the first Matsiko children to be sponsored! From 2010 to today, Telechia and her siblings have done well in school and are the first in the family’s history to have a real hope for a future through education.

Telechia, 10 years ago, one of the first Liberian sponsored Matisko children!

Working hard, and going without many daily essentials like food and clothing, Telechia knew if she could finish schooling, then she could have a future like the other successful people in Liberia. Because of the constant love and encouragement from Telechia’s Matsiko sponsor, she worked hard in school over the years and today graduated with her AA degree and was accepted to a great university in Liberia to complete her degree in business management. 

Telechia has a great business mind, and desires to do well in business while helping the children in her community go to school, and possibly become employed in her company one day. The one thing that burns within Telechia is her desire to give to other children, like her, in the way her sponsor gave to her – a real support. 

Telechia and her family may have been one of the countless forgotten millions in our world, but they now remember what it feels like when somebody cares and remembers them. They now hope, pray, and desire the incredible blessing and luxury of being able to help others. 

Telechia says: “I am so grateful for the effort my sponsors put in and that of our bosses from the Matsiko organization. My goal is to pay back by helping those kids that are in need of help. Thanks so much and I do appreciate it a lot.”

This would not have been possible without the unique Matsiko sponsorship program and its sponsors, who are used every day as the answer to heartfelt prayers!