Yina, Peru


Yina is in her early 20s, and is from a small mountain village in Peru called Yanque. She is the oldest of seven children (six brothers!). Her parents are hardworking farmers, tending the fields of others. It is demanding work and pays little, so it was not easy for Yina’s parents to raise seven children, as they had many needs. Yina’s parents provided a house, food, and other necessities, but were not able to afford the extra cost of educating their children.


This family, thankfully, was introduced to Matsiko, and has now been part of our sponsorship program for over 14 years! Yina was 8 years old when she started receiving school supplies, uniforms, food, and gifts from her sponsors. All six of her brothers are part of the Matsiko program, and are continuing in their studies. Yina and her whole family are so grateful to the sponsors for their kindness and support. 


Yina’s parents no longer feel worried about how they will educate their children in the hopes it will bring them out of poverty. They are so happy that they can stay together as a family, because without Matsiko sponsorship, they would have had to send their children to live with others. Oftentimes, parents who live in rural villages send their children to live with other families, who live in the cities, so that these families can give them food and support. Unfortunately, all too often, these children are not well treated and put at risk. Matsiko is a very big blessing for this family, allowing them to stay together during their schooling years!


Yina finished high school and left for the city of Arequipa to continue her education. She studied gastronomy, and is a college graduate! She now is working as a chef at a renowned Cau Cau restaurant. With the help of Matsiko and her sponsor, she was able to reach her dreams and now can help her family get out of poverty.