Anchal • India


Anchal lives with her parents and three siblings. Her father is a plumber and electrician, and her mother works as domestic help to support the family. Her parents can barely afford a good education or proper nutrition for their children. Unfortunately, in India, plumbers and electricians do not make the money they deserve.


Anchal has always been a bright little girl, with a cute smile and a cheerful disposition. Being a MCI sponsored child since Class 5, and also being selected for the Matsiko 2020 tour, has been a blessing to her in many ways. Participating in choir practices and communicating with her sponsors through letters has helped her build her confidence. She can speak and understand the English language extremely well. She always wanted to be an English teacher, and help other children like herself. 


She is working hard to improve her grades at school and is in the top of her class, which is the most competitive in India. Thanks to sponsorship, Anchal will do well and help others the way her sponsor helped her in her moment of great need.