Ankita • Nepal


Ankita has a truly amazing story. She and her family are no strangers to severe poverty. Just like others experiencing severe poverty, our world’s most neglected and impoverished people, hope and dreams have very little meaning. Ankita’s family was so desperate that her father went to another country and worked as an indentured servant just so he could help his family. His intention was to give his family more than the life they were living in Nepal. This was very hard for Ankita for many reasons including putting her safety at risk. 


However, Ankita’s life changed when she met Matsiko and received a sponsor. So thankful for the opportunity, Ankita devoted her life to studying hard and was soon recognized as the best student in her district. Matsiko gave her hope to start working towards another dream to be a part of Matsiko’s Nepal National Choir team. One day Ankita  courageously auditioned for Matsiko’s National Team and to her delight and surprise, she made the choir! Later, Ankita and her family would learn she made the Matsiko World Choir team that would tour the USA! 


Ankita developed many lifelong friendships with others from different parts of the world and met many loving people who encouraged her to work hard to fulfill her dreams! Ankita returned home and excelled through high school where she graduated with honors. She also passed her nation’s university exams and was accepted to study medicine to eventually become a doctor. It is incredible that Ankita will be responsible for helping to break the seemingly  unbreakable generational cycles of poverty. Ankita, now works to remember the forgotten children, like herself, and says she will always have the time to help the most desperate in need. A reality that she and her family were once so familiar with.