Sachin • India


Sachin is the youngest of his siblings and Shivani’s (another Star of the Week) youngest brother. His father murdered his mother out of anger and left Sachin and his siblings orphaned and with no possibilities. Thankfully, Sachin was brought to the care of a Matsiko partner in India that cared for Sachin and all of his siblings. 


Growing up, Sachin was always plagued by his background. Because Sachin got the chance to attend school, play sports, and learn how to sing, Sachin thrived and seemingly excelled in anything he worked at. 


Sachin loves to sing, play sports, and study. As a result of this love, he joined the Matsiko World Orphan Choir and toured the USA with other children like him around the world. Because of MCI, Sachin learned that if he worked hard he could truly become anything he wished to become and help others as well as himself. 


Sachin worked very hard in his school work and graduated from high school this year! As a result of his excellent grades, Sachin plans on attending university where he wants to focus on becoming either a lawyer or a psychologist so that he can directly help children in need the way his sponsor with Matsiko was able to help him.